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'My drawings reflect my observations, my fears and hopes of this incredible but crazy world I find myself in'.

I was born and raised in South Africa at the height of Apartheid. It has profoundly affected my interpretations of what it means to be human and survive in a world filled with pain and disappointment but also a world filled with incredible hope and wonder.

I moved to the UK and settled in London in 1993, determined to finally get myself into art college. I enrolled on a two year Art and Design course at Chelsea College of Art and Design. To pay the bills , I started working in Social Care, which has provided rich material for the comic strips I have produced during the past 25 years. I have worked as an Art Therapist and have done various bits of teaching over the years. Since 2012 I have concentrated on end of life care and explored through illustration, the peculiar relationship we have with our own mortality.

I have longed to escape the big smoke and live by the sea, and in 2018 I moved to the quirky Isle of Portland in Dorset. My work has evolved rapidly since.

In my comic and illustration work, my aim isn't only to entertain, but comment on life. I work in ink, pencil, gouache, oils and have recently introduced printmaking into my bag of tricks- each medium chosen to best tell the tale.

Inspired by the community of local artists, I regularly take part in art events locally, nationally and internationally. In 2023 one of my illustrations formed part of an exhibition held by the RSBA at the Mall Galleries in London and in October one of my illustrations was selected to appear in a children's book by the award winning author, Lellie Lopter.

Inspired by the sea, my work has become a meditation on life.